Tuesday, November 20, 2007


I learned a very valuable lesson last night.

When you leave a knitting bag on the seat of your car, it is important to check that these
are not poking through before you sit on the bag.

And I have definitively determined that you really can penetrate flesh pretty far with an Addi Turbo.
Just a word of warning.


Sue said...

Watch out for the needle you use to sew seams too!

Love the Weber. I showed your blog to my husband (the Weber Man) and he loved the way you use it.

Looks like you are having fun!


Marion said...

When I was a little girl (early 50's) I fell off a chair onto my mother's knitting bag. One of her metal dpns stuck into the fleshy part of the palm side of my hand. I don't know which hurt worst, going in or coming out!