Sunday, April 03, 2011

Starting over in the frog pond

I spent most of yesterday turning this, the Mirage pullover from More Big Girl Knits,

into this

and then this

and finally this

Now, it is becoming Mr. Greenjeans.

When I began the Mirage, I weighed 30 pounds more than I do today, so I knew it was no longer going to fit the way I'd originally envisioned. Not that that is a bad thing, you understand.

As the swift was spinning, and the sweater was raveling at my feet, Scott asked me if I had regrets about all those hours of work being undone.

Yes and no. I'm sorry to lose the work -- it does feel a bit as if it's time wasted. But I learned something from the process and I'm fired up with the vision for Mr. Greenjeans, so I'm looking ahead more than looking back.

I've done that a lot, I realized. With education, with work, with marriage. Once upon a time, I began each of those things with a vision for the finished product, the happy ending. Eventually, though, I looked at them and realized, "That just doesn't fit right." I pulled the loose thread and raveled. And then made something new -- I went back to school, I got a new job, I met Scott. I learned to take nothing in my new life for granted -- having experienced the worst, I am grateful every day for the best.

I had a vision for this sweater when I began. I knew what pants to pair with it, what jewelry I would wear. I could see myself wearing it. Then I couldn't.

Now I am imagining a new sweater--can't wait to try it on!


Anonymous said...

Pretty and sort of sad

Anonymous said...

Mr. Greenjeans!! That was one of my projects from knitting class, and I made it in a plum shade. In retrospect, I wish it was a little longer...

Love your blog!


Elizabeth said...

I remember that sweater! I just didn't realize it was Mr. Greenjeans. I am going to make this one longer, and probably make the sleeves full length instead of 3/4 if I have enough yarn.

Anonymous said...

Wise words from a wise woman:)

The Knitting Muse said...

I love your story. Nicely done--and great insights. : )


Louise said...

Good for you for unraveling that sweater and turning it into something new. I don't remember seeing Mr. Greenjeans before but it is a great sweater. May have to add it to my long list of want to knits.