Friday, October 13, 2006

My first blog entry -- I'm so geeked. Mostly because this is probably the only place outside a yarn store where I can rant and rave about knitting and spinning without driving my husband, kids and cats to don their I-pods to shut me out. (The cat looks quite fetching with those little white earpieces.)

Tomorrow I am heading off to my spinning guild for the first time in (gulp) two years. What can I say -- new job, long commute -- I just lost track of time. But the fiber bug has bitten again -- hard.

So tomorrow, I get to spend time turning some of this --

into this ...

and then, perhaps -- a hat for my daughter, not the cat.

Knit on --

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Sharon said...

Hi Elizabeth. I noticed your comment on Ravelry so I came to check out your blog. Since it is brand-new, I exciting. I get to leave your first comment. As a Lansing knitter, Threadbear is one of my playgrounds. I'm almost always there on Wed. afternoons (but after lunch). If you can ever extend your lunch hour, come and visit us (there's about half a dozen of us who knit regularly on Wed.)