Friday, March 18, 2011

Holy cow, it's been a long time since I've posted ...

A really long time. Until about a month ago, I hadn't really knitted in almost three years. I'm blaming it on the family tragedies/drama of the last couple of years. But really, I just didn't care about anything woolly for a long while. I still liked yarn, I just didn't want to do anything with it. Then suddenly, a month ago, I got interested again. Really interested.

I went on a knitting retreat at Sauder Village in February, and just was inspired by all the creative knitters. And the yarn everywhere. I was supposed to take a workshop on knitting lace mitts. But when I started to do the three rows of homework, I got carried away -- I picked a lace stitch pattern and just winged it. By the time the workshop was supposed to start, I was here:

And then I just got carried away -- I made two pairs of these:

one for me and one for Caroline!
I made these for my darling sister in New York:

And I'm about 2/3 of the way through the Irish Diamond shawl from Folk Shawls. I am making it in Bartlettyarn in blackberry -- it's going to be really warm, and the perfect alternative to the Aran sweater I thought I'd be making with this yarn.

Although I've been away from blogging, I've been writing a lot, and have had some poems published. And I have a new favorite activity:

Scott wouldn't camp in a tent -- but he will in this little beauty! We bought a pop-up two years ago, and I am in it every weekend I can be. This year, it's going to Allegan with me for the Michigan Fiber Festival in August. Hope to see you there!


Anonymous said... still owe me my hand warmers, but I of infinite patience, will wait...almost patiently... :)

Elizabeth said...

Wait, did you not receive a lovely pair of felted slippers instead? Yes, I believe you did. :)