Wednesday, March 23, 2011

More yarn?

When I came back to knitting last month, I virtuously proclaimed my intent to knit only with stash yarn. After all, I still have yarn. A lot of yarn. When I went to visit the stash, it was like greeting old friends -- the Cherry Tree Hill silk in the Dusk colorway (so pretty), the Fleece Artist mohair and worsted combo skein for mittens (so warm), and of course, the balls of alpaca roving (so soft)

So how come the mail delivery personnel brought all this to my house?

Zen Garden 20
Knitpicks Gloss Knitpicks Palette

The Zen Garden is for socks for a friend who had surgery. Merino, cashmere. How could I resist?
The Knitpicks yarn came with a delivery of these. I thought I'd use them to block the Irish Diamonds shawl, but I think I'll need a few more sets.

Can you see how long one row is? I put a pen on the floor for comparison -- hundreds of stitches .

But back to the yarn. Obviously, I had to avoid shipping charges, right? So I needed to get up to $50. I was being thrifty.

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