Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The sock goes to camp

Since my last post, I finally got a chance to go camping. Over Memorial Day weekend, Caroline and I went to Ft. Custer with my brother and his family.

It was cold.

And I got to spend some quality time in the shower house with about 75 new friends. We were invited there by the tornado warning on Sunday.

The sock was shocked when we got back to the camper. And grateful that socks are not required attire for wading back into your campsite.

The sock and its mate were finished during this trip, and delivered to their new owner, who has assured them that they will never, ever have to go camping again. His idea of roughing it is a three-star hotel.
During the camping trip, my dear sister-in-law Dorsey took a break from knitting to crochet a scarf. Although I've never really taken to the process of crochet, the speed factor is certainly attractive. She finished the scarf in a day-and-a-half --

and then she gave it to me!!!

As my friend, the aforementioned sock recipient, would say, "She's the bestest!"

Next post -- new sock, warmer weather.

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