Tuesday, January 31, 2012

There will be no complaining about work ...

I have not actually given my blog address to many of my friends. I figure most of them won't care about knitting. And some of them will just think I'm crazy.

But today, one of my friends -- the recipient of the travelling sock -- got his hands on my blog address. Since he is also my boss, it means I have to say nice things about work. Like, he is the best boss ever. I am so lucky to work for him. He brings joy everywhere he goes. (Even though he makes me cry every day.)

Actually, he is the best boss ever, and more importantly, he's a great friend. I'm blessed to have him in my life. Really.

On a knitting note, I've actually been pretty productive. We'll pretend I didn't wait more than six months since my last post. As promised, there were brighter socks in warmer weather. Scott and I went to Florida for our 10th anniversary.
We went here:
The socks are brighter:
My brother's daughter-in-law had a baby this summer -- so there was a sweater:
Starts like this, and then
Origami magic!
The whole clan went camping up north --
Next post, through the magic of fast-forwarding -- Christmas!

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