Sunday, January 27, 2008

Franklin in Michigan!

The weather was snowy -- the driving was terrible.

But I was first in line in the Threadbear parking lot yesterday to meet Franklin Habit. Which was good, because I had a baby shower to attend and the line got long fast.
See, this is how I know I am officially middle-aged -- my biggest celebrity crush is on a knitter. Who, by the way, is delightful in person. He does a great job of making his photo subjects feel completely at ease. Which is a real gift.

I knit on the scarf for the 1,000 Knitters project.

I talked to Franklin.

I watched him work.
I got my picture taken with him.
I was smitten. I want to fix him up with my brother.

Then I went to my sister-in-law's baby shower for another dose of feeling old. I actually heard myself saying things like, "Wow, they didn't have those (insert name of coolest new baby gadget) when I was having babies." Oh my God, it's exactly what my mother used to say when I was pregnant.

There was a lively conversation about the value of disposable vs. cloth diapers. I suggested to the women on the cloth side of the debate that I think we should return to cloth diapers as soon as all women are also ready to return to torn rags for sanitary feminine products. Not so many takers on that idea. Ah well, it's tough to be cutting edge.

Laura looked beautiful.

And she loved the peapod sweater set. Now, I just have to deal with my daughter and her friends who want them knitted up in their sizes.


Annie said...

you met franklin!!!! and he took your picture???? will you get a copy, and if so, can i see it?

wow... i am in awe.. you knit on the scarf. now you're my knitting hero.

Rob said...

Hi there!

Thanks for pix of the Franklin visit and of the Spinner's Flock sale. What a colorful pair of events!

You are stunningly beautiful--I always forget to tell you that when you are in the shop. Not just amazingly beautiful, but always so well put together.

I just had to get that out!