Friday, February 15, 2008

A few of my favorite things ...

In a shameless, admitted attempt to be the number one item on my blog, Scott went out of his way to make Valentine's Day lovely. Usually, we go out for a great dinner at the Evan's Street Station and exchange cards. This year, when we got to our table at the restaurant, this was on the table ---

A little bit of springtime in the midst of this. See the little flakes falling?

Well, maybe not. But trust me, they're falling. Again.
And then he gave me this ---

He knows I'm a sucker for dichroic glass. This man -- my partner, lover, best friend -- has really made me aware of how blessed and lucky we are in our marriage. We both have previous bases of comparison -- this relationship really is my favorite Valentine's gift.

I also finished this --

I was totally charmed knitting the Flower Basket shawl by Evelyn Clark. It's a Fiber Trends pattern and is simple, easy to "read" your lace so that you can fix mistakes, and was a pretty quick knit. I used two skeins of Schaefer Heather in the Margo Jones colorway. I loved the yarn and loved the color -- my only complaint was that there were several areas where a ply of the yarn had broken and frayed. Other than that, though, it was really lovely.

Last, but not least, in my book, is this ---

All the members of my knitting group have used these as knitting gadget cases for the past two years, and Brenda bought me three of them the other day. These little pencil cases are the absolute BEST knitting tool cases I have ever used. The fine mesh at the bottom keeps everything in, but is transparent so that you can see your stuff; there is a little pocket on the inside at the top where you can keep small or often-grabbed things like folding scissors, sticky notes and darning needles; and it sits upright on the table. I love it. Sad, isn't it, the little things over which I can geek?

Tomorrow is the Fleece Fair in Chelsea -- lots of stuff to buy, lots of fiber to fondle. I'll be working as the "fleece police" -- hope to see you there!

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Annie said...

ahhhh... so beautiful! you're a very lucky woman.