Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Teaching lace ...

On Saturday, I'm scheduled to teach a class on knitting the Ice Queen. The people who are currently signed up for the class are experienced knitters -- just not with lace. And while I may knit a lot, I'm not necessarily an experienced teacher.

So, I have a question -- if you were taking a class in lace knitting, what would you be looking for? Chart reading? How to "read" what you've knitted? Fixing mistakes?

And what little bits of information, tips or tricks do you think it's essential to pass along?

Any advice will be gratefully accepted.

And possibly followed.


aunty tink said...

Since they are experienced knitters, they may be taking the class as an excuse to start another project. Since this one has beads, that is one thing they are going to be interested in learning about.
When I'm teaching a lace class, I attempt to stress reading charts and how it is a picture of what their knitting will (should) look like. Consequently, learning to read their knitting makes their project much easier to knit.
Lifelines, markers, how to join lace weight yarns, use of magnetic boards or sticky notes all are things which make a new laceknitter's life easier.
Did you warn them about how addicting lace knitting can be???
Have fun and let us know how the class turns out.
Feel free to drop me a line if you have any other questions

Spinknitty said...

Thanks for the hints -- I forgot about the addiction warning!