Thursday, February 28, 2008

Harbingers of spring

The last issue of Piecework reminded me that I had knit the cover mittens 12 years ago for a friend's 40th birthday. The gauge is off -- I'm a better knitter now than I was then.

But the project was truly a labor of love, and had its own challenges -- mostly, charting a poem or saying that would fit into the mitten graph and make sense. Although it's hard to see in the photo, these read:

Through winter storms'
bluster and blowing snow
drifts piled mountain-high
to touch the ice-blue heavens
true friends bring us
the warmth of blazing hearth,
outstretched hands and laughter.
(My friend's name and birthdate)

On another note, the snow is still thick on the ground. I slid off the icy roads yesterday (no damage, no worries, just a little adrenaline rush). But spring is just around the corner.

How do I know?

That's how.
So festive, so cheerful.

And yet, so inciting violence.
Happy thoughts of spring.


tmhopkins said...

I recommend trying peep wars: Take two peeps and give each one a sword (toothpick). Put them facing each other on a microwave safe plate and nuke 'em. Watch them grow...they stab each other with their swords and one will deflate and die. it's pretty fun.

Spinknitty said...

Oh my gosh -- I so remember doing that back in the "old days" on the Internet Knit List -- that was the first time I'd ever heard of peep wars and it was hilarious.

Sick and twisted, perhaps -- but funny.