Saturday, March 15, 2008

It's Spring, and the world is mud-luscious ...

i love ee cummings and that is one of my favorite of his poems -- and today the world is indeed mud-luscious. It's everywhere -- including my entryway. But mud brings these --

and for me, there is nothing at all that says "spring" like a robin. I'm feeling a twinge of hope that we may also have sunshine and warmth at some point.

I've finished my Tofutsies socks. They're just a Quaker rib-type top with a plain foot. Mindless knitting for the train. The yarn is OK knitting -- nothing spectacular, but I am very happy with the finished results: the socks are light and very comfortable. Perfect for slightly warmer weather. (If I knit spring socks, spring will come?)

And when I was in Chicago, I bought some merino laceweight at Loopy Yarns -- I want to make a shawl for spring -- any suggestions? I'm thinking maybe something from Victorian Lace Today? Or Stephanie's dewdrop shawl. But I'm open to other ideas ...

I also got some Trekking XXL -- it was a 60% off sale and really, can you ever knit enough socks?

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