Saturday, March 29, 2008

I didn't actually intend to buy anything

But hey, that never stopped me.

I taught a Fair Isle knitting class this morning at the Yarn Basket-- we were covering knitting with a color in each hand, tension, weaving in ends. For Corey and Michele, it was also a chance to learn continental style knitting -- which they did in, like, a minute. They're busily making the White Witch mitts from Knitting Daily. Of course, having spent the morning looking at the mitten pattern, seeing the pretty colors people chose, etc. -- I'm feeling the need to make a pair. So I told Beth I'd take my earnings in yarn, please. I'm going in this week to pick out some.

I didn't have time to choose any today, because Scott and I drove down to Bowling Green to the Black Swamp Spinning Guild's Market Days. They had lots of fiber --

I brought some home --

It's Polwarth, tussah silk and angora from Linden Lane Farms -- Liz Cowdery is a member of my spinning guild, so I was happy to give her the business. (You can probably assume that I mean that in both senses of the phrase)

I also picked up a couple of magazines and some information about historical re-enacting events taking place over the course of the next few months. I've done a little Civil War-era demonstrating, and I like it. Except I don't really like the battle re-enactments, so that does limit things a bit.

I'm beginning to develop an interest in the early American/Voyageur era -- feeling the need for a new costume. I'm abysmally uninterested in current fashion, but hey, let's talk bonnet styles of the 19th century, and I'm right there.

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Annie said...

perhaps i could send my fiddlehead mittens along to you to finish? ;)