Monday, March 10, 2008

Better Together

Have I mentioned that Scott is a woodturner? (If you've talked to me for five minutes, I'm sure I have.) In fact, his woodturning is what brought us together -- in a way.

Picture a funeral, a hand-turned urn -- the need to transfer ashes from the utilitarian box to the urn. Trust me when I tell you that you need two hands for this. Enter Scott with the urn and me with a paper funnel. This would be the Readers' Digest version of our first date.

So anyway, Scott is a woodturner. His woodturning group issues a monthly themed challenge -- this month it was to make a collaborative turning with someone else. Scott and I have collaborated before; remember the Christmas ornaments ? For this challenge, we decided to do something that reminded us of trees at sunset --

The base is turned cedar, the vessel is felted from Cascade and then needlefelted with hand-dyed roving (Corriedale).

Unfortunately, we were out of town during the woodturning meeting, so we have no idea whether anyone liked it. Fortunately, we were out of town in Chicago -- more later.

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