Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Right Brain, Left Brain?

If you have not seen this yet, go check it out. Is the dancer spinning clockwise or counterclockwise for you? I have always thought of myself as left-brained (you know, the whole word/language thing), but I am telling you, this girl spins clockwise when I look at her -- which is supposed to be a sign of right-brain dominance. In fact, I really thought my sister was pulling my leg when she said she saw her spinning both ways, depending on what she was thinking. Finally, I took her suggestion and did some math calculations while I was looking at her, and there she was, spinning counterclockwise! Go check it out and tell me what happens for you!

We were in Chicago last weekend -- did I bring a camera? Of course not. But we went to the Museum of Science and Industry and the Chicago Cultural Center. The latter, housed in the former Chicago Public Library, is a tribute to language, to poetry, to books. That people spent the money and artistic effort to build this paean to the written word warmed my soul.

Of course, we had to find a yarn store. So we headed to Loopy Yarns on Wabash. I bought sock yarn and some lace weight for a summer shawl. And a cute little knitting pin. Everyone who worked there was delightful, the double entendres and laughter were flying around the cash registers -- I'll be back next time I head west.


tracy hopkins said...

I can't seem to get her to spin counterclockwise! I can't do math problems while I watch her spin! I am stuck in the right side of my brain!!!!!


Spinknitty said...

I've only been able to move her counterclockwise once -- in the Perth News comments, someone suggests hitting yourself on the side of the head.

Somehow, I'm not feeling it's worth pain to see her spin the other direction.