Saturday, October 13, 2007

Big wheel, keep on turning

Today was Spinner's Flock -- always good to see the crowd, and shop! I managed to avoid actual purchases, other than lunch at the Common Grill with Gwynne afterward.

I did get a tiny bit of this done --

destined for the quaker rib shawl thingie that I'm trying to put together. Someday.

After the Christmas ornaments, Scott's gift, Andrew's socks, my sweater (just sleeves to go -- I think I can, I think I can!)

I'm already feeling the Christmas pressure. After all, it will be Halloween before we know it!

And then, this --

Doesn't Scott look cute in his little hat? He'll love that I've posted this shot.

Tomorrow, I plan to knit at the Appleumpkin Festival (yes, it's as small-town cute as it sounds) while Scott is at a camera show.

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