Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Lovin' knit night

Wednesday is always great -- it's knit night at Trees of a Feather in Brooklyn. Carol, the owner, is fabulous -- warm, welcoming and incredibly generous. And the other knitters are the best.

This Wednesday was doubly wonderful because I spent the morning at a creativity workshop based on Julia Cameron's, The Artist's Way. I've tried this book on my own before, but I get stuck at the chapter where I'm supposed to give up reading for a week. Not happening. Maybe I'll do better with group support.

And it's COLD -- we dropped about 30 degrees over the last few days. Lovely weather for shawls and sweaters, but I was remembering that just last week, I was here

happily spinning in the courtyard. Today's weather was a reminder that this is just around the



On the plus side, I did get a lot of spinning finished for the quaker rib shawl/wrap I want to make -- after the Christmas gifts, ornaments, socks for my son, sleeve to my sweater, Lucy Neatby mittens.....

It's three-ply, two from roving I got at Allegan and one from Spinner's Flock roving. I did another bobbin of all one roving, and I'm going to grade the shades throughout the shawl. It's the first three-ply I've done in a long time -- I think I'm going to like it better for this project than my usual two-ply.

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