Wednesday, April 02, 2008

I promised (or threatened) poetry, didn't I?

I'm sure I did.

And it's poetry month, so what better time to share? If you love poetry, or would just like to try some, consider Knopf's poem-a-day, which they present every April. You get one great poem a day in your e-mail, sometimes with an audio clip of the poet reading it.

It won't hurt, I promise.

And in the spirit of April ---

Angels in the Snow

In the throat-closing cold
across the empty snow
the air is still as a chapel
and house lights scatter chunks of gold.

I search for angels in the night,
listening for the silent flight
of wings or the sound of
glorias being raised on high

trying to call to mind stories
of angels bringing comfort and peace
but remembering instead Jacob wrestling
and shepherds on their knees.

I then recall that
angels always say 'fear not'
at each meeting with mere mortals
who may regret being caught

by this presence of fire and air
these heralds of our destiny and fate
I, too late, begin to wonder
did the shepherds fall not in awe
but terror?

I turn and see the sweep and line
of moon-sculpted shadow, a flying
messenger of God's desire
this towering angel-form -- mine.


Judy S. said...

Hello from near Seattle,

I've enjoyed looking at your blog...lots of inspiration here.

Annie said...

ahhh... beautiful.

Genuine_Lye said...

Chunks of light---some nice, sticky images in that poem. I want to take that poem into my hands and turn it over a few times. I like.