Sunday, December 16, 2007

How many knitting days until Christmas?

This has been a week of major progress. My sister-in-law's felted tote is finished and successfully fulled. Yessss! It is in the dryer even as I type. Photos to come.

Ileana's scarf is finished --

And Scott and I have finished about a dozen of these (I know the picture is not great -- in an unusual moment for Michigan, there was too much sunshine. I couldn't bring myself to close the blinds -- we may not see the sun again for months.)

They are knitted, beaded ornaments with turned finials and icicles. We actually got enough of them finished to give away for Christmas. (Of course, we didn't finish any in time for the Spinner's Flock annual holiday sale, but there's always next year, right?)

A few years ago, I made this for Scott

and I love it. So, when I was on my birthday yarn crawl this year, I bought a complementary kit for a stocking for me --

Since I made a Norwegian stocking this year (that is still hanging in Carol's store), I don't think this one is a rush. But I'd like to have it for next year -- so if I actually started some time before next November, that would be good, yes?

I also bought a copy of this almost two months ago, and I am getting itchy to start some of these socks. If you haven't looked at this book, it's mind-blowing. I cannot wait to try out some of the techniques in it. Perhaps I'll get a chance over my two-week Christmas break.

We're all waiting for the blizzard "they" have predicted will be hitting us overnight. I'm grateful to be home, warm and safe -- and with my Christmas shopping finished!!! Tomorrow, I'll enjoy the snow and bake cookies with my daughter.

(The astute among you will notice that I did not mention Scott's vest during this post. I am in denial. The number of hours left to knit and the amount of knitting actually left to do may not exactly correspond to reality. Perhaps the wool elves will show up during the night and finish a few rows for me. Or the big guy in the red suit himself?)

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