Sunday, April 06, 2008

The more, the merrier

Yesterday, a group of knitters who had mostly only "met" on Ravelry got a chance to meet in real life. And, you know, actually touch the projects we usually only see in little computer thumbnails.

We met at the Yarn Basket -- Soulbabe and Erksnerks, Catknittian,Forevermore (she of the amazing cookies) Ruanawoman, Mrs. Abi, Erksnerks, Kyrthira, Rynna (I think, so hard to remember Ravatars vs. real faces) and a couple more -- apologies to anyone I forgot. Senior moment.

And our hostess, Betsyboo --
There was yarn, there was coffee, there were cookies (thanks, Deb!) and a lot of sharing.

As others have mentioned, it is amazing how diverse people can be so connected through the medium of some sticks and string.

I got some knitting done on the lace stole. (OK, I made yet another mistake and ripped back. Cherry chocolate chip cookies, conversation and lace do not mix. But I fixed it and moved on later in the afternoon. )

I acquired yarn --

And, um, some Opal, too. I cast on socks with said yarn --

Then I went to lunch with my favorite non-knitter --

He and I went into Ann Arbor later -- I totally forgot it was the day of the Hash Bash. When I was at U of M, it was still on April 1. Now, in an amusing sort of mimicry of the federal government, it has been moved to the first Saturday in April.

While we were at West Side Books, we were treated to the police racing by to break up a fight at Conor O'Neil's. I stopped into Busy Hands, where the owner had almost hit her "drunk quota" for the day -- three and she's ready to close the doors. Ahhh, the Hash Bash. I had forgotten how much "fun" it is.

Busy Hands is partly sponsoring Stephanie Pearl -McPhee's visit on Friday evening, and will be open until midnight. With food. And adult beverages.

Who's with me?

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forevermore said...

Spinknitty you are the woman! What you pack into a day leaves me to shame - lace, fiber in Ann Arbor and Tecumseh, photography, men, AND a very close to reality trip down memory lane via the Hash Bash. Spinknitty, you are the woman! If you hadn't mentioned ripping back, you might have had to move on to a more advanced group - but, alas, we'll keep ya:)