Saturday, April 26, 2008

Where does the time go?

The Mirage pullover is coming along nicely -- finally. I ripped it out three times, thinking that the double sets of K2tog in the center of the mock cable panels just didn't look right. Of course, that would be because I was working of a photocopy of the pattern, instead of out of the book. (Yes, I own the book -- I did not make a pirated copy.) Once I looked in the actual book, I realized that the little / symbol on the chart was in a gray square -- purl 2 tog.

Easy peasy. I've got about 1/3 of the body done and the pattern is memorized -- for now, anyway. If I go a few days without knitting, it will disappear. It is the frustration of my existence that stuff like that will go away just when I need it -- but the phone number of my best friend from second grade? Right there, baby.

Most of my recent writing has been poetry -- hence the lack of knit blogging. Also, I've been struck by an essay in the current issue of Poets and Writers. In it, the author talks about the increase in technology creating so many distractions that we don't have time to let our minds wander and create. He suggested the value of mindless activity such as walking or looking at the ocean ---I simply don't understand how he could have overlooked knitting. Or spinning.

But I realize that once I turn on the computer, I can fritter (nod to my grandmother for that word) away huge, irreplaceable chunks of time. Mostly on Ravelry. I love Ravelry, and the stash organization and project queues are great for me. But really, how much time do I need to spend reading the threads about the indie dyer who allegedly faked her own death?

I am, in my extraverted way, mostly thinking "out loud" here -- what do you think? What distracts you, sucks away time you could be spending doing other things you'd really like to do?
Like knitting?

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Annie said...

You are never going to believe this, but that exact same thing happened to me on the Phoenix Rising shawl. I have to frog it back to the beginning... It's mouldering in the time out basket.